Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Good morning folks!!!

It's been almost a year since my last post...and I've missed you guys!!! SO much has happened this last year it's actually insane...but I'm back...and what better way to kick off a new start to the blog than with a fresh list of OBSESSIONS?!?!?!

So...without further ado...


Wild'n Out - specifically this episode...the last like 5 minutes are EPIC

LaChance - Jennifer Chou
ANYTHING on the solestruck website...Everything is so edgy and perfect...i can't handle it!!!

30 Day Squat Challenge...'nuff said

U.S. Coast Guard...they're hot...

It's bananas hot...and ice cream is manna from heaven (especially with sprinkles)

Primeval: New World...watched a marathon and forgot to DVR the season/series finale. It's been driving me nuts for WEEKS.

and dude...
The late, great, Charles Bukowski.
I will have his words tattooed all over my body.

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