Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Monday, August 27, 2012

Daily Obsessions

Fast and Furious 6-someone agrees with me...the two of them...yum.

Ridiculousness-people hurting themselves is always funny...

The Inbetweeners-some monday night hilarity...LOVE this show!!!

Skinny Cow-Best ice cream sandwiches. ever. hands down. period. yeah...

Words to Live By

I'm never on time for anything except movies and work...what can I say...I like the previews...

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Jerry Nelson, or the voice of The Count from Sesame Street, died at 78...he was my favorite character (next to Oscar of course!)

Neil Armstrong Dies at 82- The first man on the moon and an inspiration to everyone!

Snooki has a baby!!! Congrats!

Tom and Katie decided against spousal support (or so they say) but Suri gets$400,000 a year!
Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise reach their final settlement...and spare Suri a long, drawn out divorce battle. 

Words to Live By

INSOMNIA...lots and lots of laughs

Flipping back and forth between...

Coming to America

Seriously Funny


Grandma's Boy

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Daily Obsession: Lazy Saturday Edition

Nancy Drew Games-Obsessed with these!!

I caught up on my reading

Played with this crazy girl...

Yep...pretty much all day was nap time today...

Words to Live By


Friday, August 24, 2012

INSOMNIA: Vintage, Vintage, Vintage!!!

I am having a love affair with all things vintage, and vintage inspired...

Heard this in a Heineken commercial and knew I needed to add it to my collection immediately!!

 Love Pin Ups!!!

There is something to be said about a retro bathing suit...find yours at ModCloth...along with soooooo many other vintage inspired pieces

With Lavender and Lace
A fabulous vintage shop in Ghent...my own backyard! Visit her site, her Etsy shop, or her physical location (931A West 21st Street Norfolv, VA 23507) for adorable vintage finds!!! AND check out her blog!!!

Daily Obsession: ANTM, Mean girls..., One Hit Wonders, Ice Cream

So...as I was doing absolutely nothing today...here's what was on my mind:

Three New Dudes
(Rob Evans, bryanboy , Jason Wujek)
The Hag
(Kelly Cutrone)
(This show is NOT coming back for another season with this mess...)

I was going to watch this today...but my DVD player is broken...so I settled for the Gangland marathon on Spike...kind of the same mentality...

I listened to "Barely Breathing" like 5 times today...


Song(s) of the Day

Everyone knows I'm obsessed with the remix...so here are a couple of my faves :)

Glitch Mob-SUCH a good remix...almost better than the original version...

Skrillex- Press F11 repeatedly...dinosaur dubstep skillzzzz

LMFAO-Party Rock!!!

Butch Clancy- This is the only version of this song that I will listen to...and the only video that I'll watch for it!

Words to Live By

INSOMNIA: Criminal Minds, Kittens, THIS guy, shoes

Bad idea to watch Criminal Minds before bed...

She's drowned all of her toys in her water bowl...now it's bedtime?

Heard Lance Armstrong was giving up the fight against his dope charges...and apparently giving up all of his accomplishments as well...it's either one hell of a statement, if he's innocent, or a serious admission of guilt... 

Need. Require. Need. Require.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Daily Obsession

Heidi Klum- She makes me sick...I love her!!!

Lupe Fiasco's The Cool has been on repeat all day...

Dessert- Mine didn't look like this when I was done :(

Ombre Hair- Love this look...should I try it?

Song of the Day

with every worthless word we get more far away
nothing's ever promised tomorrow, today
it hurts but it may be the only way

and some food for thought.
Check your ingredients before you overdose on...The Cool.

Words to Live By

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I literally cannot think of anything else to post with this.

Avril Lavigne is engaged. To CHAD KROEGER. Like...when did that happen??? And...EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!

Ew. Totally. So gross.
(her ring is pretty though...)

Daily Obsession

Arctic Monkeys- um. yeah. boss.

Wheel of Fortune-I've been killing it lately...

Guacamole- I need one of these stone bowls!!!

Dirty Drop of the Day

It's ME, Mario!

Words to Live By

INSOMNIA: Recipes, Shoes, Ship Happens, Canada?

Her recipes feature deluxe ingredients, but they're super easy to follow...and they're ALWAYS delicious!!!

I will never be tired of studs. Or Christian Louboutin.

This show is hilarious...if only because it's about something that no-one really cares about...

I ran into 3 Canadians in 7-11 today! (If you know where I live...you understand why that's a big deal...poor things were CLEARLY lost...)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Daily Obsession

Ted Allen- This dude has quite possibly the best style on the Food Network...next to Alton of course...

Kanye West-I've been listening to him all day!!! He never gets old!!

Athletic Shoes- "If I had athletic shoes...I'd work out!"

Sweet Baby Rays- Best BBQ sauce. Period.