Monday, August 13, 2012

Are you sure he's 50?

I went to see "The Campaign" yesterday with a friend and was blown away by just how yummy Dylan McDermott looked! So naturally, as soon as I got home, I HAD to Google him...and he is FIFTY years old!   Which got me thinking about other celebrities that don't look their age...

Here are a few:

Dylan McDermott, 50 
anybody remember "Steel Magnolias"???

Johnny Depp, 49 
still looks like Donnie Brasco to me...and that was 15 years ago!!!

Will Smith, 43 
other than a couple of strands of grey here and there, he hasn't really aged since his "Fresh Prince" days!!!

Christie Brinkley, 57
um. I'm sorry, did you say 57? I thought you said 37...

Andie MacDowell, 54
"St. Elmo's Fire." 27 years ago.

Iman, 57
she married David Bowie in 1992. is it really 20 years later?

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