Monday, August 20, 2012

What's in YOUR Makeup Bag?

Last year I had the distinct "pleasure" of being a counter manager at a "Sephora Concept" in a major department store. While it was a fun experience, it made me realize that my true passion was fashion (hehe...nice rhyme there right???) but I did discover some true must haves for anyone who keeps a makeup bag...

1. Face Primer- Bottom line, end of story. They blur imperfections and smooth out your face...they are literally the best things E.VER...Don't believe me? Try one... I use smashbox photo finish ($42, here) or Too Faced Primed and Poreless Bronze Tint ($30, here.) Both of these products are super fantastic and make your skin feel like velvet while diminishing imperfections and allowing your foundation to glide on smoothly and evenly.

2. Eye Primer- If you are an eyeshadow wearer...and you don't like it when your hard work gets all creased up in your eyelid, the you need an Eye Primer. Smooth this over your entire eyelid and go to town with your shadow. The primer acts like a sort of glue that holds everything in place. I use Too Faced Shadow Insurance ($18, here) pretty much exclusively.

3. Bronzer- I am addicted to bronzer. There. I said it. Addicted. With that being said, however, it it definitely a must have. Much safer than tanning in a bed, and much quicker (and safer) than laying out, bronzer is definitely the answer to your tanning needs. They make bronzers for the face and for the body!!! But we'll focus on the face... I usually choose a bronzer with both a matte and a shimmer in the same pan. Right now I'm using Melani Bronzer XL (8.97, here,) but I LOVE all Too Faced bronzers...especially their Chocolate Soliel Matte Bronzer with real cocoa ($29, here.)

4. Lip Primer- I love a lip primer...if only because my lips get super chapped without one and ruin my lipstick. Lip Primers will moisturize your lips and provide a nice smooth landing pad for lipstick that won't budge. I use DuWop Prime Venom ($20, here) because it's a primer, conditioner AND plumper all in one!!!

5. Nude Lipliner- Use a nude lipliner instead of matching your liner to your lipstick for a brighter, fresher look. Nude liner is my best friend because I love the look it gives to darker lipsticks in the summer, how it brightens already bright lipsticks, and how it neutralizes my natural lip color when I wear super pale nude lipsticks. I have used several nude liners (including Too Faced Perfect Lips, Sephora Collection Nano Lip Liner in Native Nude, and Maybelline Color Sensational in Nude 20) but my favorite, by far is Napoleon Perdis Lip Pencil in Nude Awakening ($20, here.) Such a dynamic color! It can be worn alone with gloss or under countless lipstick hues...I adore!!! this product!

These are just a few of my must haves...What can you not live without??? Drop a line in the comments below to let us know your absolute faves!!!

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