Sunday, September 9, 2012


I woke up this morning (afternoon really...) to an ice cold bedroom. I went into the kitchen to turn off the ac only to see that the windows were open and there was a cool breeze floating through my apartment!! Normally, I am not a fan of losing summer, BUT this year, I'm ready for scarves, football, and tights!!!

Some of what I'm looking forward to:

1. Aaron Rodgers (beyond

2. Redskins football (i think we have a chance this year!!)

i die Suri...i die
3. Deep red lips! (love bright shades, bu I'm SOOOOO ready for deeper colors!)
4. Leopard print scarves

5. Colored tights (I can't live without them)
6. Long sleeves (love a long sleeved chic!)

7. Blazers!! (think super luxe fabrics and rich colors...)

8. Boots!!! (I live and breathe for a cowboy boot!)

9. Leaves!!! (pretty much the only reason I would ever go to a mountain is the picture above. they're beautiful in the fall!)

10. Halloween! (the best to Thanksgiving, Christmas and my birthday!)

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